What headphone suits you? Exercise & Sport Business & Travel Its vital when choosing your earbuds or headphones for sport that a good “fit“ is established in your ears or on/over your head. The devices must not get in the way of your exercise so must be lightweight and help to motivate your training and not impede it. Always look for devices that are fit for purpose so are sweat and water / rain resistant and can be easily washed and kept clean. Commuting and business related travel forms a daily part of many people’s lives, its important then to choose features carefully to suit the hustle and bustle of life on the move. Active or passive noise cancelling is key in this area to block out noisy planes and trains. Wireless (Bluetooth) is very popular here as it allows you to move freely without wires and a built in MIC to take calls hands-free is very useful. Pagina 51

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