THE ART of listening The Mauritshuis is home to the best Dutch paintings from the Golden Age. One of their products being sold in the museum is this full colour printed speaker with the picture of one of it’s masterpieces by Johannes Vermeer. And if this printing quality works for paintings what can it do for your promotion? Girl with a Pearl Earring is Vermeer’s most famous painting. It is not a portrait, but a ‘tronie’ – a painting of an imaginary figure. Tronies depict a certain type or character; in this case a girl in exotic dress, wearing an oriental turban and an improbably large pearl in her ear. 11 Pagina 12

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Interactieve digi-jaarverslag, deze club blad of rapport is levensecht online geplaatst met Online Touch en bied het digitaal maken van digi relatiemagazines.

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