ultimate goal is accurate Audio reproduction, the less variation in loudness between frequencies - in other words, the flatter the frequency response chart is - the better the speaker quality. In a frequency response chart, you want to see a flat line instead of a line with peaks and valleys. Given a perfect signal from an Audio source and amplifier, variances from the ideal flat frequency response can often be attributed to the way a speaker is built. en to this Materials matter When you compare speaker specifications, you’ll find that the cones found in each driver can be made out of different materials. You’ll see cones made out of paper, aluminum, polyprOpelene, or things like ceramic/glass fiber polymer. Why such variety in devices that do the same thing: Push the air to create sound waves? To push air, most cones move in and out like a piston, but at certain frequencies, cones will flex instead. Flexing distorts the sound; by using more rigid materials, designers try to keep that flexing to a minimum. art and our specialists. we love to talk about sound and speakers. complicated it can be to build a great-sounding set of speakers, head phones or earbuds. Great sound is both a science and an The sound quality of a speaker is the result of several elements—materials, design, and execution—and every detail matters in the final sound. We know how But we also know that it’s not about talking, IT’S ALL ABOUT LISTENING. 47 Pagina 46

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