20.000 mAh = 10x 2x 15.000 mAh = 7x 1,5x 10.000 mAh = 5x 1x The iPad Air 2 has a battery capacity of around 8.000 mAh. To charge this device completely your Power bank will need a capacity of 10,000 mAh. 5.000 mAh = 3x 0,5x 2.000 mAh = 1x How does a power bank work? The amount of energy that you can store in a power bank is expressed in mAh (milliampere-hours). The number of mAh indicates how much power a battery can deliver continuous per hour. A 1.500 mAh battery must be able to deliver at least 1500 milliamps for one hour. To charge your smartphone or tablet, you need to know the battery capacity and an external battery with the same or greater capacity to connect to fully charge your device. If you connect a power bank with a lesser capacity your device is charged but never quite 100%. Finally it is worth considering the Amps your powerbank outputs, 1A is suitable for smart phones but for Tablets you will need a 2.1A or upwards. 25 mA Load speed Ampere shortened to Amps is the measurement of the flow rate of electric charge. All power banks are assessed for their rating. 1Amp is suitable for smart phones but you need 2.1Amp or higher to charge Tablets. Pagina 24

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