FOR MORE INFO VISIT: D-VICEPROMOTE.COM P4020 TIGER Powerbank Output: 2200 mAh, 2600 mAh, 3000 mAh Logo printed. P4024 LION Powerbank Output: 4400 mAh BIG FC LED SCREEN off=mirror Silicone suction cups for support all devices. 3158 BEAUTYBANK 3.000 mAh li-polymer battery 1A Input, 1A Output SIZE: 75 X 75 X 16.3 MM F8J172BT MIXIT LIGHTNING TO USB KEYCHAIN Cable lenght: 75 mm 1570 THE POWERHOUSE Ultimate USB charging station High speed charging (4.5A) Large print area up to 4 colour process SIZE: SIZE: 90 X 15 X 10 MM 154 X 114 X 85 MM IMPRINT: 50 X 30 MM 3153 PORTABLE CHARGER PRO LITE iPhone 5/6 lightning connector 5.000 mAh Li-polymer battery Available in other battery sizes SIZE: 66 X 134 X 8 MM IMPRINT: 56 X 95 MM 115 Pagina 113

Pagina 115

Interactieve digi webshop, deze weekblad of studiegids is levensecht online geplaatst met Online Touch en bied het naar een digitale publicatie omzetten van online rapporten.

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