86 - Samsung: - iPhone 4S: Chargers Power banks – charging, batteries and capacities The capacity of a battery is described as an indication of how much you can charge it per hour (ampere-per hour or mAh). In our overview below we assume that a smart phone has a capacity of 1.810 mAh. (iPhone 6 size) Some popular devices and their battery capacities are shown below. 1.800 to 2.400 mAh 1.420 mAh - iPhone 5/5C/5S: 1.440 - 1.570 mAh - iPhone 6/6Plus: 1.810 - 2.915 mAh - iPad Mini: - iPad Air 2: - iPad Air: - iPad 2/3/4: Output For smart phones, an output between 0,5 Ampere and 1 Ampere is sufficient to charge most smart phones. A smart phone cannot be charged faster even if the charger has a larger output than 1 Ampere. For tablets, you will need at least 2 Ampere which is recommended as below this the speed is very slow. 2.4 Ampere or 3.0 Ampere is the suggested output to look for. 4.400 mAh 7.340 mAh 8.800 mAh 12.000 mAh 3149 Promocard Credit card sized power bank includes 8 pin connector (iPhone 5) and Micro-USB connectors for most other smart phones 1412 Solarcharger Outdoor Slim portable gadget / solar charger with great branding options and a large capacity. USB to Micro-USB cable included. 3145 Sleek Ultra Slim (5 mm) aluminium power bank with top quality battery and built-in micro USB cable / connector. (8-pin optional) 2170 Jupiter Tube shaped power bank with good engraving or print area. Micro-USB to USB cable included. 2171 Custom PVC Create your own shape of power bank in the shape of your logo or product. Ideal for charging smart phones. 3151 Powatorch 3 in 1 travel gadget! Charge the power bank while driving and then use the power when you need it. Car charger and flashlight. 1497 Beam Two great features in one, high powered gadget charger and hand warmer in one! USB to Micro-USB cable included. (8-pin optional) 3139 Squid Mini Stylish soft touch charger with twin USB port for maximum speed and power. USB to Micro-USB cable included. (8-pin optional) 0231 Icebang Light and slim design, elastic silicon binding band. USB to Micro-USB cable included. 4.000 mAh 1 Ampere Yes Li-polymer female USB, micro USB 2 Ampere 4.000 mAh 2 Ampere Yes Li-lon 2 female USB ports, Micro USB 2.1 Ampere over 2 USB ports 2.200 mAh No Li-ion 2 female USB ports 1.5 Ampere / 1 Ampere 2.000 mAh 1 Ampere No Li-polymer 1 integrated micro USB cable 1 Ampere BATTERY / INPUT CHARGING TABLETS BATTERY TYPE PORTS OUTPUT 1.020 mAh 0,5 Ampere No Li-polymer integrated 8 pins (iPhone 5/6) micro USB cable 0,8 Ampere 1.200 mAh 0,5 Ampere No Li-ion 1 female USB port, 1 Micro-USB 0,5 Ampere 2.000 mAh No Li-ion female USB for output, Micro-USB for input 1 Ampere 2.200 mAh* No Depending on shape female USB for output, Micro-USB for input 1 Ampere 2.500 mAh 1 Ampere No Li-polymer 1 female USB port, 1 Micro USB 1.5 Ampere Pagina 87

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