4 d-vice promote works with a high standard of technical files Since January 2010, companies supplying products to the European market need to be able to demonstrate compliance of their products to customers, authorities and consumers. They need to create, manage and share Technical Construction Files, and help manage change. d-vice has chosen ProductIP as the partner to support the change, stay in control and manage company risk. d-vice promote conducts Audits to BSCI standards It is our objective to improve working conditions with all our partners across the supply chain. To help this process we Audit our supply partners to BSCI and increasingly SEDEX SMETA standards. Some important goals of the BSCI code of conduct • child labour is prohibited • legal minimum wages are paid • the working space is safe and healthy • working hours are compliant with national laws • there is no forced labour and disciplinary measures Sedex offer a simple and effective way of managing ethical and responsible practices in the supply chain. By allowing suppliers to share the same data with many customers, Sedex helps reduce the need for multiple Audits, allowing both parties to concentrate on making improvements. Pagina 5

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Voor presentaties, online lesmateriaal en archief zie het Online Touch content management beheersysteem systeem. Met de mogelijkheid voor een webshop in uw gidsen.

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