32 Create your own design 2006 CUSTOMISED SOFT WINDER Handy cable winder for earphones. Create your own bespoke shaped SoftWinder. The ultimate solution for your twisted earbuds! - Soft sillicone - Made to order Size: Made to order Imprint: Made to order Colour: CC MOQ: Price: £0 - £5 1000 pcs for standard shape 3.000 pcs for bespoke shape 1282 THE CLASSIC COLLECTION IN-EAR-HEADPHONES Superior sound, solid look, packed in a metal tin for added class. Metal headphones with good branding area on the packaging and MIC / volume control. - 3.5 mm jack - Cable length 1.300 mm Size: 20 x 10 mm Imprint: 35 x 4 mm (volume control) Colour: Standard BK Price: £10 - £15 volume control mic & Pagina 33

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