Optional accessories 5027 Heart rate Monitor 5028 Speed/Cadence Bike sensor 5029 Jump & stride sensor ACTIVITY TRACKER PREMIUM Comes with 3 colours Water resistant soft touch TPU Bluetooth Activity band worn around the wrist with OLED display. Allows the user to monitor activity levels and overall lifestyle. Includes features to track, monitor and set goals for steps, activity, speed, sleep patterns. Includes UV rays alarm and vibrating alarm with incoming messages. Free download APP (available for Android or iOS) Good branding area and gift packaging included. Size: Weight: Colour: Price: 250 x 18 x 9mm 22 gr OR, BK, WH £40 - £45 4812 Pagina 12

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Voor club bladen, online reclamefolders en folders zie het Online Touch CMS beheersysteem systeem. Met de mogelijkheid voor een web winkel in uw tijdschriften.

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