CLICK Present website 0006 WEBCLICK Will store two different websites, each easily opens by clicking once or twice. Simple but highly effective for increasing web traffic. - 2 pre-set websites - Compatible with different types of keyboards - Windows - Mac Size: Price: Ø 65 x 14 mm Imprint: Ø 38 mm Colour: WH £0 - £5 Launch your website with one click 0014 WEBCLICK D-VICE Simply click on this handy USB gadget and watch it open a preset website. Great branding and customisation options. - Doming branding options - Pre-install 2 websites - Windows - Mac Size: Ø 65 x 14 mm Imprint: Ø 60 mm Colour: SLV LED: GR Price: £0 - £5 Pagina 106

Pagina 108

Scoor meer met een webwinkel in uw gidsen. Velen gingen u voor en publiceerden sportbladen online.

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